Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Hobbit and Other 'Entertainment' Including Horrible Horse Rider

Well I'm pretty sure you've heard of "The Hobbit" a movie I'm not going to see.  On the internet though, I have been reading about deaths of animals in the making of this film.

Here is a link with some information more on that:

Many animals will get tortured for our wantings.  Take circuses, do you think this looks comfy?

Also ever see the elephants?  How do they feel being towed around from place to place, wearing decorations and being ridden on.  But people are sometimes really bad trainers too:

I can remember at the circus I last went to the black bear trainer...   I believe she wanted the bear to hug her but it didn't...  She just had this hateful emotion towards the bear for not listening. 

Speaking of people using animals for their own 'purposes' there's this horrible woman.  Her name is Farida Khan.  She rides horses to see them suffer!  You can Google her facebook cage.  I'll put up one of the 'videos' of hers.

So this video above might not seem violent to start, but around the middle the rider whacks the horse.

Here's a link to the channel:

I hope I did good for a first post here and I want to think Kinyonga for letting me.


  1. That Hobbit thing is TERRIBLE!! NOOOOOO!!!! It's just patheticly uselessly...UGH.

    And that FK woman bugs me...

  2. I can't BELIEVE Farida Kahn! What revolting behaviour! How would she like it if someone came and sat on her back, whipped her, kicked her, and tortured her?

  3. Maybe you guys could post about whaling? I saw something on the news about it today.. I felt sorry for the poor whales.. D;


    1. @SilverDawn - IKR

      @Bunny - Ok! That'll be the next post! :D (or D: ?)