Sunday, 24 February 2013

Greyhound Racing

Meep! Thank you lilysquinkies for telling me about Greyhound Racing!
Greyhound racing - good? Or bad?
Simple answer - bad. (Otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it lol)
The first thing in a greyhound's life are greyhound breeding farms (where they're born). This is where all the greyhounds are forced to mate and have puppies, in extremely poor conditions.
They overbreed the greyhounds, getting millions of puppies per year. This is done to try and get a winning greyhound, an extremely fast one.
And do you know what happens to the other puppies?
Either they are killed or sold to labatories where they are experimented on. (Shampoo, perfume etc - I'll do a post on animal testing soon!)
 HORRIBLE! How could anyone do such a thing?! :'(

The next stage, if there is a next stage for the greyhound, is to go to the tracks. They are housed in cages where they can barely stand up. (The greyhounds have to stay in these cages for around 20 hours per day.) Not enough food or water is provided for them.
They have flees and parasites. Diseases are spread easily. The cages are not heated or air-conditioned, so in severe weather the dogs suffer. This all results in even more greyhounds dying.

If (and it's a pretty big if) the greyhound is still alive now, it will begin racing.
Greyhounds love racing! protests someone.
Yes they do. But not N-O-T not under these conditions.
People crowd around the race track yelling and jeering. The dogs are forced to keep running. If one stops or starts to slow down people throw stones at them, sometimes causing them serious injuries.
Also the track itself gives problems. Dogs trip and break legs, ankles and even their necks! Some suffer cardiac arrest (heart attacks) from running too fast.

Greyhounds live around 13 years, but are retired from racing, for whatever reason, at 18 months to 5 years.
 Then what happens to them?
Well, either they are killed or returned to the breeding farms and the whole process starts all over again.
It's terrible!! Please tell everyone you can about this and GET IT BANNED!!



  1. Thats sad. What did you use as a sorce? XD Just wondering if you used any popular websites.

  2. My greyhound does sometimes racing because he loves it. And too me it can be bad if you encourage the greyhound too much but it's good if they love it, in this case my doggy. <3

  3. One of my family members worked at a Animal Shelter, and they had a retired racing I know why it looked so depressed when it looked at me... o.o

  4. They die from heart attacks while racing?!!! O.O
    I thought the Greyhounds raced because they WANTED to, and the dogs where cared properly, i never though it would be like this! :,( Why can't people look after them and let them rest when they need to?!