Sunday, 10 February 2013

Whale Wars

Hey guys! So I finally found time in my busy schedule to post. I want to do a post on whales and what the Japanese do to them.

First off, "Whale Wars" is a actual show on Animal Planet. I watch it every summer. I want this show to end to badly because if the whalers stop, the show is over. The organization saving the whales is called Sea Shepherd. They are true heroes. Risking their own lives to save the whales. This is something I want to be a part of when I am older. The man responsible for making the heroic organization is Paul Watson. A great idol  of mine.

Ok, I want the world to know what Japan is doing to these ENDANGERED whales. They say..."Were doing it for research". I can't believe they actually expect people to believe them. Well of course their government is backing them up. Since their own government probably eats whale themselves. Oh and remember that tsunami and earthquake that happened in March 2011 in Japan? Well, guess what they did with all the relief money? They gave it to the god damn whalers. (Sorry for swearing they just really get on my bad side.) Over a million dollars gone to help kill endangered whales....It's just sad... I've never liked the Japanese and never will. No, I'm not saying ALL Japanese are bad, just their government, whalers, and most whale-eating people are.

This is the factory ship, if Sea Shepherd shuts down this ship, the entire operation is shut down.

A Harpoon Ship: its used to kill the whales with a harpoon located at the front on the ship.

So you think I'm done with the Japanese..think again...they don't just kill whales....Dolphin lovers close your eyes its gonna be a nasty topic.
Yes, that's right, if you have ever seen "The Cove" you know what I'm talking about.
I recommend watching this movie if you haven't already seen it. 

 The Japanese trap poor innocent dolphins into a cove. To do this, they go out in their fishing boats, wait for the pod to arrive, then corner the pod and make a ton of loud bangs and noise to lure the pod into the cove to be killed. They take long spears and kill the dolphins one by one. They also sell some healthy dolphins to aquariums and big ocean organizations such as Sea World and Discovery Cove. When you see a dolphin in a aquarium it looks happy right? Yes, but that doesn't mean it IS happy. Dolphins don't show how they really feel. SO please, DONT go to Sea World and other large aquariums. (Going to a place with rescued animals is different)

I wonder why they have this sign there...hmmmm
Look at how red the water is :( 

Please watch the trailer for "The Cove".

I could go on and on about this...but I don't want to make a mile long post about it.

Thanks for reading,

(You guys can call  me "Dip" or "Dipity" for short.) 


  1. If you would not mind please don't curse. But yes it is horrible. I like Turtle Man...