Monday, 20 May 2013

Animal Suicide & Goosander

Hey everyone! This is my first post in, umm, forever!! Anyway, onto an interesting topic called animal suicide. 

Yep. Animals have been known to deliberately take their own lives!! They usually do this while in captivity because they can't bear it! One way is to just starve themselves. They can decline all food and just die. It has been known to happen a lot! They also smash their heads against the wall to kill themselves. Maybe they don't do that on purpose, but who knows? One undeniable way they do it is to just stop breathing. A dolphin once committed suicide by not breathing! They control their breathing, so if they want to stop breathing, they can. Her caretaker desperately tried to save her, but she just shut down her blowhole and suffocated. It's so sad!

Now, onto the goosander. It's a duck found in Europe that has teeth! TEETH!! The teeth look like knives, perfect for catching slippery fish! Other birds with teeth include geese and puffins. 

I think that at the end of all my posts, I will talk about an interesting animal! 


  1. O.O And it's all the human's fault that these animals died like that... >.<

    1. And that is correct! Humans caused this terrible stuff!

  2. fortunately huamans are aniamls