Saturday, 18 May 2013


Ahhh long time no post >.< Sorry! I'll try and post more often! ^.^

So, now, I'm going to post on aquariums. I guess most of you have been to an aquarium? :3
I, personally, think they're not great. Imagine being like this shark...
Thousands of tourists staring at you every day. No privacy at all! (Hehe.)
But that shark there seems to have it pretty well off. Nice big tank, lots of other fish, etc. 
But. Some marine animals live in perfectly deplorable places.

Reports are that huge and loud parties are held in aquariums. Several times, causing animals to die because of the extremely loud noise and cigarettes, litter, etc being dropped in their tank!
 Some animals are born into captivity, so they haven't experienced freedom. In some ways this is better. But in others, worse.
Also, popular animals (dolphins, for one) are often captured in cruel methods before they're even ready to leave their mother!

Please try and refrain from going to aquariums - especially when the animals aren't treated fairly!
If you do go, and see any possible bad treatment, please report it! Don't be afraid to report animal cruelty!


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