Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I'm Edwingrim2, and Kinyonga has nicely let me be an author on PAWS.
I love all animals, and can't stand to see any harmed, which is why I'm going to be talking about....


I don't know if this has already been covered, but they harm and even kill innocent animals such as rhinos, tigers, caribou, ect. :(
Well, poachers sometimes do it just for fun, if you can image it! >:(
They also poach for food which seems just ridiculous.... I mean, if you're in need of food, why not ask friends and family to help you?
They also apparently do it for trophies. DX
Really... poaching doesn't have any merits at all! Besides that, it's illegal, lying about where you found certain animals.
They also pilfer endangered animals from their natural habitat to use for amusement parks.  Those places where kids stare at animals all day for fun, while the animals just want privacy. It's awful!
Does this tiger look happy? No.
He's in a cramped, concrete structure, the bars are rusty and unclean, and he doesn't look as if he has much food. Grrr. >:(
These are the reasons why people poach.
And sometimes they just want to use the animal for a resource- like the ivory from an elephant's tusks.
See? It's terrible and cruel.
Piano keys used to be made out of ivory, because people thought that it gave the piano a fancy quality, which of course is just ridiculous.
Here's an elephant statue made from ivory. Pointless, isn't it? Killing a live elephant just to make a miniature version of itself! >.<
That's all I'm going to write for now, because my fingers are sore.
But hopefully this post has informed you about how awful poaching is, and how it must be stopped.


  1. >.<
    Humans are so meeeeeeeeaaannnn!!!!

  2. SilverDawn (currently not signed in)31 December 2013 at 09:53

    I really hope poaching will decrease like heck! It is AWFUL! :(

    1. Agreed!
      As a player of the piano, I can't believe that some people killed innocent elephants to make keys! DX

  3. Even though poaching for food is bad, it's sometimes all you can really do. Some people don't have family or friends, and even if they do, they can't support the person for long before they run out of food themselves.

    1. True, but that is why there are places where food is given out to those in need. Poaching should never be the answer.

  4. Although doing illegal poaching is bad, at least HUNTING is good. I do think it's sad though that some people kill endangered animals. Hunting for food is all okay, as long as it's not illegal. I'm not sure if poaching basically means "illegal hunting" or what, but I believe hunting is good, but if it's illegal it's bad.

  5. Some people just don't have any brains. I mean, seriously. To some people it's just MONEY MONEY MONEY. I mean, sheesh! Hunting animals like deer and such for food is fine but hunting endangered species for what, some extra cash to fill their pockets? It makes me want to scream and punch a hole in the wall. Sorry for losing my temper, but stupid people like poachers tick me off big time.

  6. I can understand if you're REALLY in need of food, but for sport? For money? I've heard of animal GENITALS being for sale! What the heck, society!?

    Translation of message:
    Waaaah! Poor elephants!
    p.s: If i hear "kill elephants", BAM. I just want to throw an excersise bike and poachers that hunt elephants sitting on hot poison fire

  8. that's sad D: PEOPLE GOD CREATED ELEPHANTS AND YOU WANT THEM FOR THEIR TUSKS????? i mean its not their fault that their tusks are made of ivory i mean elephants are endangered species! i wish that the law of protecting elephants would really work for poachers
    p.s. i play animal jam! 3berrygirl

  9. meep! :grabs all animals i can and takes them to the invisible world: dey safe now. :rides stick to the moon: