Saturday, 19 July 2014

My friend Balaur (her Animal Jam username) brought up a horrible topic, something that she thought that I should post on PAWS;
 Animals in scary situations being filmed on-camera.
For example, imagine being a cat and having your head caught in a fishbowl whilst you were trying to catch a fish. You would panic and try to get it off, right? Well, some humans might pick up their cameras and take photo after photo as the poor animal struggled. >.<
Now wouldn't that be an awful and horrid experience for you if you were a cat?
Here's a video of a cat that was stuck in a fishbowl:
Now wouldn't you be terrified if YOU were the cat, and you had to figure out how to get out BY YOURSELF, while being filmed?!
Sometimes 'funny animal videos' unquote are terribly traumatizing to the animals!
"Imagine if you were standing in front of unfamiliar people. Imagine if they were pointing a camera at you, forcing you to do something that you didn't want to do." -Balaur
This very preventable form of animal cruelty NEEDS to stop.

Balaur, if you have anything else to add, please comment it and I'll add it in.

Apparently, in some videos where animals don't want to make certain noises, the owners feed it something bad that causes it to make those noises! Awful! DX


  1. Yeah, I agree... I've seen so many videos of "cute" or "funny" animals in awful positions D:

  2. That quote was intended for the subject of animals in acting, not for "funny animal videos." Plus, the dog had (apparently) been given those substances for a different purpose.

    I really think you should post about animals used in films because it's a big issue nowadays.

    For example, in a Disney 1950's film, lemmings were pushed off steep cliffs and there was even some shots of them dying. WHAT THE HECK?!

    Anyway, back to the subject of those videos. Sometimes, the animals don't even do these things on purpose. To gain internet popularity or just to get a good laugh, the animals are PURPOSELY PUT in those places, then wait for their reactions. Sometimes they're awkwardly thrashing around, doing weird things like bouncing for no reason whatsoever, or just making weird noises!

    I've seen videos of animals in high places eventually falling down, but the thing is they never show HOW they got up there. Most of the animals used in those videos are cats for some reason, too...


  3. I hate that!
    Once a father took a video of pranking his multiple 3, 2, and 1 year old children of fake blood on his leg. He ate it and the kid threw up! AND THEY TOOK A VIDEO OF IT!! They laughed. LAUGHED..
    I felt like that channel should be banned and the father should lose all of their "hard earned" money!