Sunday, 18 November 2012

Welcome! (^._.^)

Hello animal-lovers everywhere! We are Kinyonga and Silver Dawn, and we have created this Society to help stop animal cruelty! A few examples are...

1. Bullfighters is a big one. They torture bulls and then kill them. It's terrible
2. This is much smaller than bullfighters, but it's still bad. In some pet shops, they keep about fifteen budgies in a cage scarcely big enough for one, and a fish in a titchy container where it can hardly move. 
3. There are also poachers, and much, much more, which needs to be stopped. 

So do your bit, donate money for endangered animals, complain about titchy cages, and do everything you can! If we all help together, we should be able to stop animal cruelty everywhere! 



  1. HIYAZZZ!! I think I'm your first commenter!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!! I totally agree with what you're saying... I already donated!!!!! :D

    -Willowstar A.K.A. TheGloriaclan on Animal Jam

  2. I'd love to join! ^.^ I'm actually planning on becoming a vet cuz I love helping animals! :)

    1. :D I love helping animals too...but being a vet means you have to deal with all sorts of stuff. Like putting animals down... I know it's sometimes right but...meep! D: