Friday, 18 January 2013

Pet Shops/Stores

Here're I'm just going to post a few creepy (or just plain mean, cruel and horrible) pet shops. 
This one I heard about from Dreamy.
Right, so this one is the American PetSmart. 
Or not so smart? They say "Shop for your next live pet at PetSmart!" 
That's only the first creepy thing. LIVE?! Of course you need a live pet?!
Here's a picture:
Meep! O.O
Anyway, being a reptile lover, I went to check if they sold chameleons. (One of my two favourite animals.)
They did.
 Practically 100$?! Sheesh! I mean, come on
Think about it - you may as well fly to Spain for 54£, pick up as many chameleons as you want and fly back. WAY cheaper. 
Ok, that's a bit off topic. But as Dreamy had said that PetSmart was decidedly horrible and got their animals from places which neglect and abuse them, so I looked up PetSmart's reputation.
0% good. 100% bad.
One woman practically got knocked out by the manager as he accused her of stealing!
Others just say that they're horrible to the animals - namely small cages, mistreated and unhealthy.
Plus you see they put "IN-STORE ONLY" on the pictures.
 Do you think it would even occur to someone to put a chameleon in a parcel and ship it off to the other side of the continent? Ok, probably, but not to someone sane.
Then I clicked the chameleon, and scrolled down to look at the details;
(click to enlarge)
Soo...feed them 1-2 times a day? Well, I guess it depends how much you're giving them, but I know from experience that one healthy juvenile chameleon should eat at least 20 grasshoppers a day. An adult can go with around 10. And what they put there is very unclear. 

Well, this is getting a bit sidetracked.
But please help stop all this!!
I'll post some more later.

P.S Dreamy - did you send a letter or email PetSmart? If email - what is their email?


  1. I agree! But the ones you had were jacksons chameleons and these are veiled, so they probs eat different amounts... lol ;)

  2. I know how you feel... I'm a reptile lover too. I have a snake and he is SO cute! Well, really not just mine, my whole family's. I love him so much! Reptiles in pet stores just are abused. If, for example, a dog were treated this badly everyone would get mad. But really it is like no one cares for reptiles :(

    1. Cool! What kind of snake? We wanted to get a snake, but neither my mother nor my sister (nor myself as a matter of fact) fancy feeding it mice...but my dad said MAYBE we could get one which just eats bugs ;)
      And yes, totally. D: