Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rattlesnake Roundups

Meep! Thank you Jambots rule for telling me about this appalling subject!
I had never heard of them before, so I looked it up. Whatever you do, do not look at images. I know, a lot of you will look, now that I've said that. But if you're squeamish - don't. I warned you.
Anyway, Rattlesnake Roundups is a horrible sport done in USA states: Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
Here's what happens:
Evil people go around to tortoise burrows, and spray toxic gas down them.
(More than 350 animal species depend on these burrows for survival, and here they are, getting gassed.)
They then pull the rattlesnakes out with a long stick with a huge pointy hook at the end. Loads of rattlesnakes are piled into a crate all together, and then taken off to where ever the event is. 
The snakes are taken to the roundups without food or water, in dirty and cramped conditions.
Most of them arrive dehydrated, starved or crushed. 
Some of the surviving snakes are used in daredevil performances, others are decapitated and served up as exotic meat.
People at these events risk getting bitten by the venomous snakes and ingesting Salmonella along with their snake meat. 

Some people may think that getting rid of these venomous snakes is good.
But let me tell you that more fatalities are caused by dog bites, bee stings and lightning strikes. 

Children go to these things. 


  1. I know! It is very sad and cruel. Children go and get the wrong message. They learn that venomous snakes are bad. Supposedly they are education but they only teach people how to be cruel :(