Monday, 21 January 2013

Horible Hunting!

Hello! Sasha Here!! I am going to post on HUNTING

I know Kinyonga has already posted on it, but, There is a WHOLE lot more of hunting were I live. 

You know that wolves and endangered, right? But now, were I live, they are having people HUNT them. They can only kill about three or four, but as many hunters as there are where I live, the WHOLE population would be knocked out. -.- 

Take a look:

 Look!!!??? Is that what I see? a SMILE??? These murderers are HAPPY that they killed one of God's creature just for pure sport!!?!?
Look at the secound picture. There is blood in THREE spots on the poor thing. The stupid idiot shot it THRICE. I could just RIP that dumb little smile off his face. 

Hunters killed 276,985 whitetail deer during (my states) nine-day gun season. 


Now, take a look at this!: 
a LITTLE GIRL killed this deer! (Or was there anyway.)

See the blood on the deer's nose and mouth? What I am thinking is that they shot the deer in such a way taht is started sneezing, and coughing up blood. All I can say to that is PAINFUL-LLL!! 

                  Unspeakably Nasty
           Not good at all
             Totally STUPID

Thanks for reading, and I already know what I am posting on next!


  1. Thanks for posting this! Kinyonga only started the topic, she meant us to do more detailed posts about it, so this is good. Yes, hunting is awful. There's a lot here too. And they HUNT ON SUNDAYS here! :O

  2. Hi! Do you know what rattlesnake round ups are? Well you should definitely post about them. So many things are wrong with them! It is a huge problem and is extremely cruel. It makes me cry everytime I think about. I'm crying right now because they are the worst thing I know.