Monday, 21 January 2013


Hello! This post is about hunters. Some hunters are fine. Take, for instance, Native Americans (Red Indians). They hunt for food, not for pleasure, and use up all of the animal. Skin for blankets, clothes or shoes. Bones and teeth for weapons or jewelery. Meat for food. And they give thanks for the life of the animal.

Some hunters, however, are definitely not good. I am talking about, of course, the ones which hunt for pleasure. In France, for instance, they hunt wildboar. They're pretty common there, and "apprarently" are trouble because they root up vegetable patches, crops and gardens. (I'll come back to that later.) So they get all their buddies and go off in the woods with their dogs, shouting and yelling, trying to scare the wildboar out of hiding. Then they shoot them. They have FUN chasing them. And they often don't kill them immediately - they torture the animal. The hunters don't think the animal has FEELINGS. To them, the animal is just some dumb thing with the awareness of a brick. *shudder*
To me, killing an animal for fun is like murder.
When we were in France we were taking our cats to the vet, there was this dog covered in blood and matted fur in one of the sort of stay-a-while cages. It was a dog used for wildboar hunting.

There are a lot of "sports" which include dogs chasing other animals. Take, for instance, English fox hunting. (I just found out it happens in other countries/continents too, but it was brought over by the British and I am NOT proud of it.) What happens is this: the people go off on horseback with their hounds. The dogs eventually sniff out a fox, and that's when the hunt starts. The people and dogs chase the fox for miles, giving the poor fox a LOT of terror. At the end sometimes the fox gets away, other times it is not so lucky. Either the dogs tear it to pieces or it gets shot.

Another thing is badger baiting. This is, if it's possible, worse than fox hunting.
It is where a bunch of people go out with their dogs (generally terriers I believe), and dig up a badger sett. Then they set the dogs on the badgers and sit down to watch. Personally I think these people are 100% bonkers. How could anyone just stand there and watch the badger be tortured like that?! Most often the badger dies. Sometimes even the dog. The dog can get injured dreadfully. I won't show any pictures, it's just too horrible. I think I'll leave off here, it's making me feel ill.
Bye for now then and remember to spread the word!

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