Monday, 21 January 2013


Hello! Kinyonga and SilverDawn here to post about...poodles.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird. Why post about poodles? A better way of putting it would be poodle abuse.

Yep, poodles are sadly abused a lot.

Look at this photo.

That poodles entire fur was shaved off apart from a few bits.

A poodle is meant to look like this. 

Yet sometimes they look like this: 
It's seriously unnatural.
The shaving process can be seriously painful, not only by cause of the shaver, but also the poodle doesn't know what's happening. They can struggle and get cut, or worse. 
Sometimes they even get dyed.
Colouring can burn an animal's skin, burn their eyes and puts them through an extremely uncomfortable process. Not to mention that a dog's sense of smell is incredibly powerful - 100 times more than a human's.
So think about how dye hurts your nose, then magnfiy that by 100. The poor things!!
I know that most professionals use food coloring or beetroot juice to dye their animals. While this may seem like a good way to do it, dog's skin is sensitive and they can have an allergic reaction to anything.
Apart from the health issues, animals have feelings too.
Maybe they can let you know that they don't like it, but not always. And some people just don't care.
I'm talking about poodles here because they are most targeted. But look at these pictures :(
Dyed Poodle 

This one is just creepy.
 Dyed Poodle 

Dyed Poodle 

Dyed Poodle 


Dyed Poodle

The poor things!! That one above looks like a sheep... D:
A dog is a dog, not a toy. How would you like it if you were dyed blue and forced to wear pink sunglasses?
I'd probably murder my owner. Well, maybe not quite...
Please spread the word about Poodle Abuse!


  1. With both our poodles in my family, we don't have the fru-fru uncomfortable fur style.
    We have the normal fur style. :3

  2. I think you need to do more research.

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