Monday, 11 February 2013

Hunters and Poachers

A lot of people are misinformed about the topic 'Hunters'.  I just wanted to get my word in on this.  Please read this:

I just thought I'd bring that up, that poachers are the bad ones.


  1. I know ;D
    But yes, I guess I often misuse the word "hunting" and "hunter"...but some hunting IS bad...I'm confused. DX

    1. Well like take for example. Here we have lots of red foxes though you usually don't see them unless you own a farm. Lets say Bob and Steve want to go hunting. It is not hunting season and Bob is impatient. Bob kills a fox in the woods not from his house. Steve waits on the open season. Bob was poaching and Steve wasn't...

      In Austrailia koalas are protected but say someone shot one, they would be poaching. I think hunters some hunters can be greedy, but endangered animals are supposed to be protected. Some owners of live stock have to shot foxes and other animals to keep their livestock safe.