Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Any of you have a pet fish? I bet you do. Yes, I am going to talk about fish. Did you ever eat fish? To be honest with you, I have, and I still do (Rarely though). Did you ever hear the term, "overfishing?" It means when you take too many fish out of their habitat. Seriously, help stop overfishing. I understand it as "food." But really, don't take out TOO MANY. Did you ever wonder how it was like to be fished out of your home and get eaten? Did you ever wonder what it was like to loose a family member? I have, with both of those. I'm just lucky it never happens. But one thing for sure, fish may feel upset. Some people only do it for the money. Only because they love money more then life. There's this show on Animal Planet I think that over-fishes for Money. Ok, ok. Yes they have only have fins, and can't come out of their bowl to hug you. But who cares? That doesn't stop them from loving you. Neither should that stop you from loving them. Save a life. Don't just leave your fish out there to die. Let it live. No matter what, it still has a life :)

So please stop overfishing.


  1. I like this blog! I am doing a school project about poaching.

  2. @Fairy - Thanks! ;D
    @pets8 - IKR.

    And yeah...I think about those 2 things a lot. It's so sad! DX I wish people didn't have to kill animals.

  3. I hate overfishing. It's useless. I wish we wouldn't overfish like the Lenape.