Friday, 15 February 2013


Hoarders... Hoarders... Oh, sorry. Day dreaming. 
Hoarders are people who take in a stray cat (for instance) and look after it and so on. Then another cat comes. They have kittens. The kittens have kittens. More cats come. And more, and more, and more. And they either can't, or don't want to, neuter/spay the cats.
Our neighbours, for instance, are hoarders. At one point they had more than 80 cats. They've vaccinated at least 80. Now they have 60, 90% of which are not vaccinated.
They just don't have the money.
They're over-run with cats.
The cats get coriza. (Cat flu which can kill, especially in kittens and aged cats.)
They get mangy fur.
They have fights.
At least three cats over there have got one eye badly damaged.
Some are extremely thin.
They're not neutered, so keep having kittens.
They don't want to give the kittens away.
I know how they feel - when our cat had kittens we had to give one away and I cried for a long time.
 But we just had three kittens. We knew it wouldn't be right to keep them all.
They have 60, but don't want to give them away.
That's pretty much the definition of a hoarder.
 Of course, there are far worse ones.
One time, apparently, some RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) went into a hoarder's house to take the cats away - and found more than 360 cats, 80 of which were dead.
 Hoarders do not realise they are hurting the animals.
They love the cats, dogs, or whatever the animals are.
But it gets worse and worse.
 See this kitten, below? It has coriza.
 This is it's father.
 It's terrible! Help stop this!


  1. Also inbreeding can happen. I remember on TV when there was this cat hoarder, her name was Kitty. The people removing the cats had to wear masks! In the end they took all her cats, but let her keep her favorite one.

    Hoarders think they're doing a favor, but they aren't. It is best to adopt animals from shelters that you know you have time and money for.

    1. Yes, that`s true. We got Samy, one of our cats, from the hoarders next door, and when she had kittens two died because of interbreeding )`:

  2. you have hoarders next door?