Friday, 15 March 2013

Cruel Dairy Farms

Hello! This is FrostWolf! Sorry I haven't been posting. . . :\

But, I am going to be posting on Cruel Dairy Farms! >:|

You are eating sick, drugged, infectious animals. They are put in disgusting  pens, and treated horible!

Cows are put in- well I can't remember the word right now- where the lights are always on, so the cows think it is always daytime, and do nothing but eat. They eat and eat and eat and eat, while their standing sometimes even knee high in their own scat.

Like that! But this one is pretty clean compared to some.
And look! A new born baby calf! The farmers are probably not even going to give a darn and leave it there to drown in the other cows' waste.

Now here is an example of a really dirty one:
I bet you that cow is dead. And I am pretty sure that is just a calf.

 Oh- and calf's are taken away from thier mother less then a week since they've been born.

Now for Pigs.

 Look! It looks like it is being cooked alive, but it isn't. Don't you wonder what in the world happen to his back? Just looking at that gives me chills.  .  .

The pigs grow up on slop, and then get sent to a big factory, and are let out of their pens to eat, but they are really running into a trap. The door quickly snaps shut, in less then two seconds are dead. I don't know if they gas em', or what, but the trap then flips over, and tosses the dead pigs.

Now here's the Chickens Story.

That picture says is all. 
Once a day people have to go in those things with gas masks on, and pick up the dead ones. At least 20 out of a group that big would be dead. 

Now, here are some pictures of healthy dairy and meat animals.

Muck better? Eh? 

Well, I think that is long enough. 

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Uhhhhhhh that's teeeerrrrrrriiiiiiiiiibbbbblllllllleeeeeee! O.O D:
    We always get free-range eggs and we don't eat meet ^.^

  2. Replies
    1. @ ilovemypest
      Np! Oh! Watch Food Ink! That is where i got most of this info!

      @ Silver
      We don't eat eggs, and we eat very little meat. :D

    2. You don't eat EGGS?! O.O
      How come you're still alive?!?!?! o.o
      I LOVE EGGS!!! ^.^

    3. @Frosty - That's good :) But why don't you eat eggs? The ones which are eaten don't have chicks in or anything ^.^ They would just be wasted otherwise.

  3. I eat meat, and I'm pretty sure humans were meant to eat meat if they want. . .But kill them in a HUMANE way. Don't let them starve to death or pluck them bald alive. Shoot them! That way they don't suffer. That's the most humane way I can think of.

    1. Exactly!!!!!!! I totally agree!