Monday, 18 March 2013

What can we DO?

Meep! Thank you all for your marvelous posts! ^.^
My sister and I were thinking, in bed, last night, about what we could actually do to help some of these animals. Other than just posting about them.

Here're a couple of ideas we came up with:
Publish something in a newspaper
Make some [biscuits] and sell them to raise money
Make [small bags] to raise money

With this money we could...
Help vaccinate/neuter our neighbour's cats (they're cat hoarders as mentioned in a previous post)
Donate to WWF
Donate to an animal shelter

Does anyone else have any ideas? :3

Also, I'm going to post on Crushing. I've been debating on whether to post this, or not, all day - it's so awful. It's really, really, really awful.
But in the end, I decided to - you've got to know and we have to stop it. 
Stop, stop, stop.
 Crush videos...are when evil women stamp on innocent young animals. They get filmed (from the legs down) showing these poor creatures suffering horribly. Then these films are posted on YouTube etc.
Mainly used are kittens (cats and rabbit babies) and puppies. Also mice, rats, etc.
They crush them horribly - breaking their bones, splattering blood everywhere and stabbing them with knives. They also poke out their eyes. Each video (and animal...) lasts around 20 minutes.
Apparently the women doing this imagine it's them who are being crushed like this!
Thus comes the inevitable question: WHY DON'T THEY DO IT TO THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF INNOCENT BABY ANIMALS?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?
If I ever find one of these people...well, they've been warned.
I'm only posting this one picture.
Crush Videos: Innocent Kitten Getting Prepared To Be Crushed  
There you go. An idiotic...well, I won't go into what she is, female placing a kitten on the floor - about to stamp on it.
And guess what?! It's not illegal! Only in parts of the US. I think all over UK but I'm not certain.


  1. Oh gosh!!! DDD: I remember the woman stepping on the kitten... She also made a come back I believe... But the only thing they did was take her job away. -_- I really had a violent nightmare last night.. But wouldn't crushing=animal abuse, and animal abuse is illegal in every state. Though I've seen those pictures. The stupid people need to just be taken to jail forever.

  2. Don't post any videos. . . I will watch them, then wish i didn't. . . I think telling us what happens is bad enough. D':

    But I think that is a GREAT Idea! I can't wait!! :D


  3. :'( This is SOOOO sad! I can't believe it! That little kitty is so sweet looking.. how could someone crush it?! It would be a teensy bit less dissapointing if they used 'em for something. But it STILL would be HORRIBLE!!!!!!

  4. Oh. my. gosh.
    I am really just disgusted by those people >:L

  5. Why don't some of us have some COMMON SENSE? ugh geez I can't believe this so sad!!

  6. :( i hate ladies that do that!How could they do something that bad to a baby animal?!?!?!?That is very sad.The ladies should do it to themselves or better, NOT AT ALL!THank gosh my cats are safe im sad for the other ones though :( Those people should go to jail and the baby animals should not have to suffer that.Its sad I mean who would do that.I think I have told you enough.

    every night i pray for this to stop.