Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Battery/Factory Farming: Chickens

Here I am, again! ^.^
I'm going to post on battery farming of chickens. It's awful. When we were looking to buy a house there was one house we liked, but it was practically next door to this battery farm. There was this awful smell! They probably never get their cages cleaned out or anything! D:
Factory Farming Chickens In Small Cages 
See? This is something like what these hens experience. And they only come out of these cages to be slaughtered.

Our family always buys free range eggs.
These are the chickens that produce them.
 I wonder which chickens are happier, hmm?

And sometimes, if a battery farm loses all it's money (becomes bankrupt) they just kill every single hen. Including new born chicks! They starve them or drown them in ice-cold water. I've found a picture, but I won't post it. Too awful.

And, in a lot of countries, male chicks are ground to death.
 Yep. Only male chicks, because they don't grow fast enough to become meat birds, and don't lay eggs. So they're "useless".
It is legal, imagine that!!!!!! It happens in the US and UK and tons of other countries.
Here's a video. You, by all accounts, do not have to watch it.
It's awful...really horrible. I didn't know humans could be so evil.

I'm not going to post any more. I'll die if I do.