Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Abandoning Pets

Of course you know some people abandon their pets?
At first I thought they just left them by the side of the road, and almost always the animals managed to find somewhere else to live.
Below, listed, are what happens. It always starts off with one of these things happening:

1. The "owner" of the dog can't look after it anymore, or is bored of the dog. The owner decides to get rid of the dog. 
2. 1. The "owner" of the dog can't look after it anymore, or is bored of the dog.The owner tries to give it to someone else, or a rescue center, but doesn't manage.

Now, what happens after the owner has decided to get rid of the dog. 
(I'm using dogs for the example but it can happen to cats, rabbits, any animal really.)

1. The owner chucks the dog in the car and drives off, to a large bridge. Opens the car door, and chucks the dog off of the bride - either onto the road, river or valley below.
 Almost certain death - horrible.

2. The owner simply abandons the dog by the side of the road, sometimes cutting off the dog's ears (without anesthetic) - to get rid of the tattoo which proves the dog belongs to that person
How could anyone do this?!

More than four million dogs are abandoned each year in the US alone!
And the animals, once abandoned, have very little chance of survival.
Busy roads, mean humans...
Even if they manage to get to a shelter, sometimes they have as little as 48 hours (in the US) to have a home found for them! In the UK, it is generally 7 days.

All these abandoned dogs/cats/ferrets etc are abandoned because the breeding of them is encouraged.
If people stopped breeding them, and adopted ones with out a home first, then millions of animal's lives would be spared!

If you are considering getting a pet, please, please, please adopt one from a rescue center, or the pound. 
You can save lives.