Thursday, 21 March 2013

Elephant Poaching

I'm sick and tired of this! Too much illegal poaching! Now, in Africa, elephants are being poached for their ivory! (tusks) No, it's not the Africans there. Poachers are coming and are either shooting or poisoning elephants for their tusks! They're poisoning so that the rangers that are protecting the elephants don't hear the elephants. It's a war between poaching and protecting. Poachers are then sneaking the tusks out of Africa and to other places. And the sad thing is, when their being sold, the costumers don't even know where it came from! Now scientists think that elephants are coming to extinction! I love elephants, I don't know who would do such a cruel thing... Now there are only like 500,000 (I think) elephants left in the wild! I can't take it anymore! Please help stop poaching and save the elephants :(

Some pictures of elephant poaching:

Look at how many tusks!!
And there's way more where that came from!
Give elephants a chance to live. They have lives to you know,


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  1. Someone from my old school loved elephants. I think before I goto a book from the library and it said in the next 10 years elephants might die out.. D: The sad thing is people just look at them as beasts. Which is totally untrue.