Monday, 25 March 2013


Those of you who bothered to read the header are probably wondering why the heck I'm posting on silk.
Well, there's a very valid question! ^.^
But first let me get one thing straight.
All animals have a different level of feeling. Like...humans can feel pain at (for instance) 100%
Cats may feel pain at (compared to humans) 60%
So it's not as bad in that way, what you do to them, because they can't feel...AS MUCH. But they still can feel at a very high level. Caterpillars can probably only feel at around 8%
Humans 100%
Apes and monkeys 90%
Cats and dogs 60-70%
Rabbits 50%
Mice and rats 40%
Bugs 8%
Now that's just a rough lay out, to show that being baked alive for a silkworm isn't as bad as being baked alive for a human would be.
Now you know what I mean.
How is silk made?
First, I'll tell you how I found out.
I can't exactly remember, but we were possibly going to go on a sort of trip (eventually cancelled because I got a fever). And one of the options was a silkworm museum. I thought that was quite cool and looked up silkworms a bit...
First the silkworms spin their little cocoons before they turn into moths, as every caterpillar-type thing does.
This is a picture of a silkworm and a cocoon:
Then, just before they hatch out of those cocoons, people come along, pick them up and pop them in an oven. There they bake the silkworms alive, and then remove the dead silkworms from the cocoon. The cocoon is delicately unravelled and turned into silk.
That is why I'm not going to get a silk wedding dress! :p
This is awful DX
How would you like being cooked alive?



  1. Woah, I'd hate to get cooked alive. o.o

  2. Can you do a post about sharks and dolphins? People kill sharks and dolphins and make them into soup :C


  3. This is horrible! Just because they feel less pain doesn't mean they have no emotions or feelings! I'm never going to buy anything silk.

  4. well its a way of life.. things die and reborn :l they know its for life

  5. sould'nt they at least say thanks u to them for giving them the rescorce?! how cruel -.- -lilysquinkies