Monday, 1 April 2013

Badger Baiting

I'm not sure if this has already been posted on... 

I think badger baiting is (thankfully) now illegal, but it is still done nevertheless. It's a blood "sport", in which a dog is set on a badger. It usually results in the badger being killed and the dog being seriously injured. 
And the men just sit there watching this, enjoying it! It's terrible! 

These pictures prove that although it is now illegal, it is still done, as these pictures were clearly taken after 1911, when it was banned. 

How could anyone do that to these beautiful creatures? :'(

It is really, really gruesome! 

~SilverDawn (signature currently unavailable)


  1. Aww. . . poor things. . . I think the people that are watching this should be the one being ripper apart. -.-

  2. Poor badgers! D:


  3. Can I be an author? I have a really good post in mind!! ;)

  4. I'm so fed up with animals getting hurt, I want to make a law. What ever you do to the animal gets done to you. Ex. Cut an ear off. You get your ear cut off.

    This is any animal.