Saturday, 13 April 2013


Yesterday my dad, my sister (SilverDawn) and I went to a DIY shop. They also have an "animalerie" part.
Aka - animal/pet part. 

Anyway, here's what the mice (who got the best lot really) were housed like:
Poor thing D:

 There were precisely thirty seven of them in one (fish) tank!!!
And, yes, they kept them in a tank >.<

This was the state of their water:
Full of sawdust and...poo... DX

Then we'll move onto the fish.
They were kept in pretty ok tanks...MOST of them.
This was their sort of tank:
Ok. Looks pretty ok, correct? Not correct. Totally wrong in fact.
You see that plastic bag at the top? Shall I zoom in on it? Ok, here:
Here're more examples of this cruelty:


 I'm not exactly sure what those fish are - Siamese fighting fish, I think.
So my guess is that they don't put them in with the other fish because they'll fight/kill them.
But that doesn't stop them from being looked after properly, does it?!
They could give them their own tanks!
 It's awful!!! DX

 Lastly, we move onto the birds.
They were kept in tiny little cages, with multiple birds per cage. Awful.
These, perhaps, were the best;
Four birds in that one cage!
If we zoom in one one of those parrot-type-birds...
You can't see it very well in the photo, annoyingly, but if you look between her shoulder blades, at her neck, you can see it's all red and raw - from where the others have been pecking her :'( she looked seriously in need of medical care.

Three huge parrots in a small cage like that?! They must be joking! That cage isn't big enough for a blue tit.

 These two doves... :(

Four birds, again...

This time there birds in that teeny cage!!! O.O

And here? Ten birds! D:<

It's awful!!!!!!!
Help stop animal cruelty!!! DX



  1. Um.. I agree with most of this post.


    They put the fish in the plastic bag so they can slowly let them adjust to the temperature of the water, for an hour or so. We used to do that for our fish. If you put them straight in, the temperature change would kill them.

    I think pet stores should have big cages, too. They say it's only temporary before they are sold, but sometimes they stay there for a year even. My beardies are in a 40gal tank, which is big. But even that would be too cramped if I never let them out.

    1. I see what you mean, I thought so too at first.
      But it turns out it's not like that...I asked >.< And they said the fish were "just fish" O.o

      Yeah I know!!! DX
      When I had my chameleons <3 they were pretty much only in their box at night XD I used to carry 'em around everywhere :3 they were funny - they went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 9am sharp! XD

    2. Did you know somewhere (i forgot what country it is) people cut open dolphin's guts so that the shark's won't be attracted to the dolphins?! The ppl who open dolphin's guts want to kill them so that the sharks won't be attracted to dolphins so that the ppl can eat the sharks and make them into shark soup!! Sorry... it's a little confusing but sad .o.