Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cat Neglect

After Kiny's post on dog neglect, I'm posting on cat neglect. 

"During an earlier appearance at the town's sheriff court, Brian Donnelly, 66, of Stone Crescent, pled guilty to failing to provide veterinary treatment for his 13 year old tabby and white cat named Timmy. He was sentenced on Thursday (24 January) and fined £350. We were alerted to Timmy's condition when a concerned member of the public reported seeing a cat with a large, bleeding injury to its mouth. When Scottish SPCA Inspector Laura McIntyre visited Donnelly's property she found Timmy to be very distressed and struggling to breathe due to a foul smelling wound covering his nose, upper lips and cheeks."
This is Timmy, the cat mentioned in the article above.
The poor thing! :'(
Here are some pictures of other neglected cats. 
It is awful! How can people do this??
If you have a cat of your own, please, please make sure you take care of it properly!
~SilverDawn (signature still unavailable)