Monday, 15 April 2013


Hey Jammers! I was just reading the news and I read a HORRIBLE thing. Well, it's about an orangutan named Pony, and people used this orangutan for "reproduction", if you know what I mean ;) Anyway, this orangutan was shaved, kept in chains, and forced to "reproduce" with anyone who paid to "reproduce" with her! She was only freed from her chains to get on the bed to "reproduce" with HUMANS. How disgusting is that?! And yes, the men knew that they were going at it with an orangutan, not a really ugly woman! Eventually, the orangutan was fed by a group of people who are against animal cruelty. Now she is living a normal life. Here's a picture of my 2-year old sister:

She is just BRILLIANT and ADORABLE. She is a lot smarter than the other kids in her preschool, and she can already sing about 10 songs! I spend a lot of my spare time teaching her Arabic and English. Well, that's about it, folks. Catch ya later!

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