Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Geez, people! Why is everyone so crazy about Megalodon?  I mean, it wasn't the best in its ocean or anything, right? Wait.... did you just say yes?! You think nothing could compete with Megalodon in the sea, right? Well, wait until you meat Livyatan. A huge sperm whale with the biggest teeth ever used for eating! Elephants have bigger teeth in the form of tusks, but the tusks are not used to eat. This beast lived in the same area as Megalodon, and would no doubt be better than Megalodon. It was smarter, larger, had longer teeth, and could dive deeper. Its only short-coming would be that it wasn't as fast as Megalodon. Still, speed doesn't matter. Picture a battle between the two: A Megalodon rips up a whale it had just killed, and all of a sudden, the blood attracts a hungry Livyatan. The Megalodon swims at the whale and opens its mouth. The Livyatan opens its mouth as well and crushes the Megalodon's weak skull with one bite. It then rips up the Megalodon's body and eats it. That's how awesome this whale was!

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