Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Helicoprion was an epic and unusual shark. It had a “tooth-whorl” in its mouth which is basically a saw with teeth instead of blades. Nobody knows how it actually looked. Most palaeontologists think it looked like this:
 but most regular people (I agree with the scientists) think it looked like this:
 There is significant evidence that the scientists are right, but no evidence can break a strong belief! The question is this: what did the shark do with its tooth-whorl? Some people say it increased their chances to get mates, and others say it used it to hack apart its prey. I think the latter is more likely. Well, that’s all for now! Oh, and Kin, can you make a new tab titled, “Amir’s Prehistory” so I can post the most epic prehistoric animals ever on it? Thanks.


  1. O.O Scary creature! I wouldn't like to meet that at the beach!!!! XDD

    No, sorry >.< I can't make a new tab for prehistory for 2 reasons...
    1. You'd have to become an admin.
    2. Well, this blog isn't exactly for animal FACTS. It's for letting people know and trying to STOP animal CRUELTY... ^.^

  2. Ok. Thanks for replying nicely :) can I still post facts?

  3. I have an animal fact blog. You could become an author on that if you want ^.^

    1. Ok! Send the request to, please! I'd love to be an author on your blog!

  4. Yep! Good thing it went extinct about 250 million years ago, right?