Friday, 19 April 2013

What should Christians think regarding Animal Rights / Welfare?

God has put us above the animals---that means we are their keepers---and that, in my mind, compels us to treat animals humanely.   I was looking for some information and found this article that pretty much says what I want to say---but he says it better!  XD

here is the link:  Christian Doctrine

And here is the part of it that I strongly agree with!

Scripture allows us to eat meat. To get that meat, we must kill animals, or fish, or birds. So long as such slaughter is swift and humane, I see nothing wrong with hunting or rearing animals for food. This is given by God...much as activists try to give animals some kind of human equivalence, animals are not equal to human beings. Scripture tells us that humans are lower than the angels, and that animals are lower than humans, and that humans have authority over them.
However, scripture does not support abuse of these lower species. Indeed, certain ‘rights’ emerge from the pages of scripture. For example, oxen that tread corn are entitled to eat some of it in return for their hard work. And amongst the many Mosaic-style laws there are some that ban mistreatment or unlawful killing of animals. Note, however, that the penalties for mistreating or killing an animal, are different from, and less than, those applied for the mistreatment or killing of human beings. This reflects the lower order of animals.
Advertisements, stories and films, might enjoy depicting animals as merely furry or feathered humans, with all the attributes of human beings. Cartoons make animals talk independently and act in human fashion. Nearly all pet owners tend to project human characteristics on to their favoured pets. But, animals are not human beings in disguise! They are – animals! 

So, It is okay to eat meat. It is okay to hunt / farm animals for meat---but we are compelled by God to treat animals humanely---torture / abuse of animals is NEVER okay, and even more so, I believe a sin against God.   
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