Thursday, 2 May 2013

Fox poisoning

Hello! This is SilverDawn, and I'm posting on something I think is cruel. It's when farmers stuff poison down fox holes.

This is a young red fox, poking itself out of the hole in the ground which leads to its family's den. 

Now, what these evil farmers do, is go and put poison down the holes, and it kills the foxes, especially vixens with kits who have to stay in the den! It's a COWARDLY thing of the farmers to do! >:(

The main reason why  this happens is because the foxes sometimes take farmers' fowl.

But you can't blame the foxes for doing that! It's their natural prey! How could anyone kill these beautiful creatures? :'(

And it's not as if some foolish human introduced them to the country, either! If it was so, they wouldn't have been supposed to be there, but foxes have been living naturally there since the dawn of foxes! And, in the case of Australia, it's the humans own fault anyway. They brought it upon themselves. 

I hope this makes sense....

~SilverDawn, signature still unavailable


  1. I love foxes, but if a fox starts attacking your chickens, it will kill them all---some will die just from the stress from the attack and being chased by the fox.

    How can the farmer protect his chickens??

    1. Tiggerkat, you are correct but can't they find a nicer way to keep their chickens from foxes? Killing the foxes by poisoning their homes is just so cruel. :,(

    2. you are right, in my opinion, bc posion can be messy, if other animals eat it, but then they are trying to keep in into their den and I guess depending on the poison could make a difference in if it is painful or if they die quickly w/o suffering.

      The other options would be trapping----but that can catch other animals----and live trapping is expensive because you have to hire someone and can only trap and relocate one fox at a time

      You could shoot them, but that would take forever and harder to get all of them (believe it or not)

      I suppose if they were my chickens I might first try filling in their den with dirt (when they were out) and hope they move away.

      but if that didn't work, I don't know what to try next....

  2. I think this may be partly from the book Fantastic Mr. Fox from Roald Dahl. I haven't read the whole book, but this post reminds me of it.