Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Coyote Hunting

The title says it all, coyote hunting. >.<
Why do people dare kill these beautiful creatures? I mean, yes, I understand its legal in some areas, but who would want to kill these animals? Do you like wolves? Yes, I do. Think of coyotes as wolves. They kind of go through the same thing wolves go through. Hunting, just for the skin! Or maybe just for the fun of it! I love coyotes. And I love all animals,  I like squid. C: Have a problem? Go complain to Mr. I don't care. Anyways, sorry for getting off-topic... Some people may kill coyotes cause they just want them to go extinct. And guess what. When people go coyote hunting, they take out they're DOGS. 

If you look closely at this picture, you can see drips of blood.. :c

And this person is actually PROUD he killed a coyote..

And guess what dogs are related to? You guessed it. Coyotes. So that's basically saying your killing your own cousin by force. Yes, I think the dogs are being FORCED to kill coyotes. 
Or when they don't use dogs, they use rifles.

Tisk tisk, when will humans ever learn? Honestly, I hate how humans are just killing these animals just for the fun of it. What's the point of coyote hunting? And your going to say fur? Excuse me. We have "fur." Go check on your head :l Try shaving your hair off and make a coat out of it. See how it feels. When you kill coyotes, they feel much pain. And believe me, I won't take "Clothing" or "Furniture" for an excuse. Please stop killing these animals, once I show you some pictures of coyotes, you'll truly find out how beautiful these creatures are. And, if you know anyone who hunts coyotes or anything, don't just stand there! Stop them, explain to them the beauty of nature.

Now look at these beautiful creatures

And if you don't think that's cute, look at this!

See look how cute <3 

Now look at them when they're killed...

Look, I mean I can understand like maybe one coyote, but THIS MANY? And just for showing off!

:C Look! so horrible.. And there were really nasty/bloody pictures.. I just didn't show them..
Please help coyotes, it would be great if you did~



  1. Coyotes are beautiful creatures....did you know their numbers are increasing in the USA?? Even with all the hunters?? In my homestate of MD they are now in every county!! They have NEVER been on the East Coast, but are so successful in co-exisiting with humans that their population is higher than ever!

    Did you know one of the favorite foods of suburban coyotes is CATS???

    They love a tasty little kitty cat-----so if we don't reduce the numbers of coyotes----coyotes will reduce the number of kittehs.

    So which do you pick?? Coyotes or Kittehs?

    1. btw----I do love your passion for animals----but when you are talking about LEGAL hunting, there are other sides to the story.

      ALSO---a quick death by a rifle shot is NOT painful----better than being a kitteh ripped apart by a coyote......

    2. ADORABLE! <3 I love coyotes! :'(
      If they do have to kill them, they could at LEAST do it nicely >.< well, as nice as it can get... (shooting). And they also could have a bit of respect to the dead animal - not to mention the LIVE one....

      @Tigger1 - DX
      @Tigger2 - Yes, I certainly agree there...

  2. @Tigger - I know, I'm sorry. I do have a passion for animals, which makes me get too far with my point. I do understand, what your trying to say, I just never get to see any beautiful creatures. But basically I was trying to say was, if your going to hunt coyotes, do it a nicer way. And, don't just kill them for their fur. But for good reasons, like too many coyotes. Otherwise, I agree. Plus--I had to post for Kinyonga, (Not cause she said to) I really needed to get my posting on. And for the kitty and coyote thing, I am speechless...But what do you expect? If cats are their prey, they won't just stand there and say "hi" to the cat and leave. They have to eat it. Say, you were my predator. And I was your ONLY prey in the area. Would you too stand there? Or just go for the hunt because of your nature?

    1. Also, when you said the rifle thing I truly CAN understand that. But can people have a bit more respect? When I went on google for the images for the post, guess what I saw? TEARED UP COYOTES. Not only that, but a LOT of blood. That's why I stopped putting up pictures. Although, I'm sorry if I'm sounding like I'm trying to be smart and all, I'm not. I hope I wasn't harsh about it. Thanks~

    2. *After the "TEARED UP COYOTES"* I forgot to say, if your going to kill them then kill them. Don't just tear up the coyotes for the fun of it.

  3. I live out in the country and hunting is a big part of my culture, and YOU ARE RIGHT, Axewlove----Hunters should always respect their prey. I know alot of guys who hunt and take pictures, but they try to arrange the animal in a respectful them up so they almost look like a live animal laying next to them. Hunters that leave tongues hanging out and blood all over the fur or strap the animal on the outside of their cars make a bad name for all hunters.

    And----as long as you are not a reese cup, you don't have to worry about being my prey! =)

  4. My poor BFF...... sorry. It's just that where my best friend lives, there are tons of coyotes at night in her backyard. The sad thing is, her bunny, Hazel, got killed by a coyote.......