Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Purebred Animals

Firstly, I'm just going to quickly explain the difference between purebred and pedigree.
Everything has a pedigree. A pedigree is just a family tree (pretty much) of the animal/ A purebred is where the animals ancestors and the animal itself are all registered and have papers. And at least 3 of the ancestor generations are all of the same breed. 
Now that is sorted out, let's move on. Purebred animals are in fact unhealthy, and it's a pretty cruel thing to do, though not illegal (obviously). 
(Using Siamese cats as an example.) Ok, the first Siamese cat was forced to mate with another Siamese, and have Siamese kittens. It takes 3 generations of same-type breeding for an animal to be purebred. So, 3 generations later, you have the perfect Siamese. But if the cat can't mate with a non-Siamese, it's going to become unhealthy and lose a lot of natural immunity against diseases etc. This also happens in a colony of cats where they all breed with their own kittens, fathers/mothers etc. They become smaller and less healthy and generally die younger as a result. 
An animal has to have a good amount of mixed blood in it - if you see what I mean! 

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  1. @Kinyonga - I'm so sorry I haven't posted much D: I want to post, but look at how many blogs and how much I have to post! If you know what I mean..But I'll call it my fault for posting only like two posts... Again, so sorry! And, your smart~

  2. I have a purebred dog and she is very healthy....... what are you talking about?