Saturday, 15 June 2013

Animal Charities

Hey, this is my first post and it's about animal charities. You do not have to act like Peta, you can quite simply donate some money :) For example, The Donkey Sanctuary. This charity helps mistreated donkies, like from Africa, The Stans (All the places ending with stan e.g. Pakistan), and all those 3rd world/poor places, where they have'nt enough money to support their animals as well as their families. I know for a fact, that The Donky Sanctuary do help the donkies ,but they do have to put some money towards the buisnesd, else there would be no Donkey Sanctuary! Well, this post can't really say much more...also, here is something humanity should know: You may put an animal as a friend, but never put yourself behind an animal, or anyone else for that matter. An animal can be a friend,but it can never be like a HUMAN friend. Even though (I believe) we are animals, I would consider the human species more superior, if you know what I mean. Like, if you don't believe we are animals,or if we are more superior, that's fine, but if your ever in a dilemma, ask yourself this; would you rather save a human child, or a dog? Easiest way to determine it. Well, I hope my post did'nt go too off topic towards the end. :) -DawnFox


  1. yea, my posts never get coments.. :(
    kinda sucks 4 me. ALL my posts in prety much all my blogs dnt reely get comments...

    1. Hey dawn.. so i read this* amd o thought :O i should try this! were try me and my friend jasmine are trying to raise $100.00

    2. Oh... Im honestly not quite catching what you meant, but uhh...OK?
      Are you bread or dimond or someone?

    3. humans aren't animals they are made in gods own image.
      NO OFFENCE DOGS but i would save the human baby.
      i love animals and all and i wish people wouldn't poach elaphants but they are so precarious

  2. This is true! My sister gives two pounds to WWF a month, and I'm going to, too :3