Thursday, 26 December 2013


Hey Jammers! This is SupremeOverlordOfTimeAndSpace, and I'm gonna be talking about a very controversial topic: Mink Farming. For those of you who don't know, mink are semi aquatic relatives of the weasel. They sure are adorable! Here's one in the wild:

Ok, so here's a jolly and happy specimen forced to live inside a cramped and filthy cage at a mink farm!

That is the very definition of animal abuse. Mink on mink farms live in tiny,filthy cages. They clearly exhibit signs of boredom while in their prisons. When the time is ripe, the mink farmer euthanizes the mink and uses their fur to make clothing. 

Seriously? These beautiful animals have to be imprisoned, tortured, and murdered just to make THAT coat? It takes around 60 mink to make one coat, and as a result, around 175,000 of these beautiful creatures die each year. I think the number is way higher, actually. At least some humans are DECENT to mink, for they make great pets. They are intelligent and very fun!


  1. That's why I can't stand fur coats--- even fake ones. D:

  2. Poor minks! My grandma owns a mink coat, and she begs me to own it myself. I'm against all those snake skin shoes and deer fur jackets. >.<


  3. It's wrong- there are plenty of other coats to wear, why wear the coat that to make it things have to DIE?! >:U

  4. Thiswas old fashioned, idk y they still do it...
    There used to b a mink farmnear where I live, on the same road actually, but some local irish guy (it was an english mink farm) set all the minks free YEARS ago xP
    But minks arent all fun nd games. one broke into our house before, tried killing my rabbit, and my dad hadto catch it, nd themink was attacking my dad. It was scary.

  5. That just makes me sick. Who would want to wear a coat like that anyways? A coat covered with an innocent animal's fur. I know I wouldn't. It makes me so sad when I see humans doing such cruel things. Honestly, sometimes this world really sucks. :L

  6. Fur coats are DISGUSTING!!! If they've been sheared or died naturally, I don't mind, but REALLY? Killing an animal to make stupid clothing? Ever heard of cotton cloth? We don't need to hunt for clothing anymore!