Monday, 28 October 2013

Declawing Cats


I'm sorry no one's posted for so long...including me. Sorry!

But now I'm here to post on declawing.

First of all, what is declawing a cat?
It's where a cat is taken to the vet and has to undergo a surgery to remove it's claws - generally because the owner doesn't want the cat to scratch furniture and stuff.
Doesn't sound that bad so far, does it?
But did you know that the cat's claw is attached to the last bone of it's toes?
If you were declawed...
There we go. Horrible, absolutely horrible.
Thankfully it is illegal in most countries and considered inhumane.
But in America it's still done actively. (No offence, Americans!)
The cat has some of the bones in it's feet and it's claws removed. And imagine how painful the cat would be during it's recovery! It still has to walk, jump, scratch and use the litter tray despite the horrible pain it would be experiencing.


  1. I keep signing up Kit Kat for de-clawing, but Mum finds out and gives it the ka-bosh

  2. It's horrible!
    I don't give a damn when my cat scratches me! He's just sayin "back off! personal space time!"
    cats NEED claws 4;
    defense - ur cat could get in a fight! im pretty sure u would regret declawing them, if u found them dead nd battered!
    scratching - they have FUR. They need claws to rake through the fur nd rech the itch on the skin.
    grip - u dnt want ur cat falling off something, nd then they wouldnt hav the grip to either hang on, or rebalance themselves, so they'd get hurt! My cat climbs on the roof so to me, its important he has good grip on the slippery old slates.

    ik they r declawed 4 reasons, like to protect a nice leather couch or
    watever, or it might b a vicious cat nd theres a baby in the house u need 2 protect, but they need claws. if they ddnt need them, they wouldn't b there. everyone nd everything has what it has because its there 4 a reason! try nd think of something on ur body that has no use. i just tried, nd i can think of NOTHING.
    I go against declawing! its horrible!

    (this is a very opinionated comment. dnt get mad at me. nobody can control what i do, or what i will do. im free to think out loud)

    1. Agreed.

      And I can think of something that has no use. My bellybutton. OwO

    2. I'd place my child over a ridiculously aggressive cat. No one will take a cat that goes for the eyes, so if it's either my baby's life or my cat's, sorry, it's gonna be the baby. But by declawing, you could be giving the cat a last chance at life. If he turns to biting instead then he didn't take his chance. But you never know: he may turn around and realize that the baby didn't actually touch him. I think declawing should only be a last resort, but I'd rather declaw than kill.

  3. Yeah... here in America most pet shops have cats that are declawed. I never realized how painful that would be!!

  4. I know... I cringe when I think of how cats are declawed to prevent scratching of furniture. >.<
    I mean, cats usually scratch furniture when they're filing their claws or just agitated, and there's a way to fix both--- by providing something designated to scratch and spending more time with your cat and calming him/her down.
    What's more important---- pretty furniture, or sparing your cat lots of unfair pain?

    1. My cat doesn't really scratch at our furniture - we have a leather couch and chair that she never even touches.

  5. With some cats, particularly dangerous and aggressive ones, the only way to keep the cat from getting put down is to declaw it. The cat's paws are numbed or the cat is asleep when they do it, and any thoughtful owner would continue to give the cat pain medication until the cat has fully recovered. I'd rather have the tips of my fingers removed than be killed, honestly, but declawing should only be a LAST resort. Sometimes removing the claws will make a cat more aggressive, but oftentimes the cat adjusts and actually learns to be nice, oddly enough. Hey, give a mean cat a chance before you kill him.

    It sickens me that people would declaw just to protect their furniture. If you're going to have a cat, your furniture's going to get scratched. If you don't want your furniture scratched, don't get a cat!

  6. Umm... how would one become an author on this blog? :3

    1. Give me your email address and I'll send you a request ;)

    2. Thanks! :)

  7. Declawing is wrong, if the answer is "i don't want my furniture scratched," Then teach your cat NOT to claw your furniture and get a wooden plank or something for your cats to scratch there claws on! >.<
    The reason cats claw is because they help keep them in shape. Cats NEED claws, if it has no claws it can't climb trees, pretty much anything and lots more.
    Its really cruel! ;-;

    1. Exactly! De-clawing cats is wrong!

  8. Before my mom got married, she took in this stray cat named Squeaky who didn't have his front claws, but I believe did have his back claws :3

    Can I be an author on here again? I think I was before c:

  9. My cats were both declawed, but only in their front paws. Their back paws still have claws.
    But, really, the only reason we did it was because my cats are both indoor kitties. If we didn't declaw them, they would tear up all of our furniture and ruin a lot of valuable items.
    I'm not trying to disagree with this post, I'm just voicing my opinion. :3

    1. Umm furniture are a cats enjoyment for life.... Um and you picked the furniture you lazy bums, just work with your cats to teach them not to D:<

  10. Grrr! Why hasn't America banned declawing? >:(