Monday, 19 August 2013

Animal Love Siggy

Two animal love siggies. Put these in Forum Signatures or stuff like that. Spread the love!

My cat dies. I cry. You say 'Its just a stupid cat'.
Your mom dies. You cry. I say 'Its just a stupid mom'.
Put this in your log if you hate it when people treat animals like they are stupid creatures

94% of people think that wolves are vicious, evil animals. Copy and paste this into your mini log/log if you're one of the 6% who love wolves and think they are shy and amazing creatures.


  1. Wolves are very misunderstood... Also, i agree that animals are more than "just a stupid animal"! We're animals ourselves, we're no more *SUPERIOR* or whatever. Just because we're smart doesn't mean we're all that and a bag of chips!

  2. my kitten died, and it was two or three years ago, she wasn't JUST A CAT, she was my baby! and one of my best friends. :(