Thursday, 15 August 2013

Animal Testing

Hey everyone, I'm covering this topic since nobody has posted for two months. 0.o
So, it is commonly known that animals are often tested on to make new medicines, cream, food, that sorta thing. Yes, this is yet another post with disturbing images, so viewer discretion is highly advised. I am personally both for and against animal testing.
Because for one, they advance human society, despite hating the inefficency and stupidity of our own bodies. Plus, HUMAN testing is even more cruel and kills sentinent beings. But animal testing is often unnecessary, cruel, bloody, and other things. So what alternatives can we do?
A few images you may want to avoid to highlight the situation.

Dogs undergoing testing.

A banner to stop testing on animals.

A mouse wih a muscle mutation. Ew!

An adorable mouse that should NOT be tested on.

Mice trapped and ready for testing. Yeesh!

Good point. This bunny is adorable, why should we test on her? Also, here are some PRO-Animal Testing images, which also have points...

Kind of a point.. I mean, we shouldn't waste life on quarreling, trolling, stealing and other things, MAKE AN IMPACT! Seriously! -.-

Well, I agree that sometimes we need animals to advance science.. but why do we use them excessively? I think that using them only for necessary things is good. Abuse is bad.

Credit to whoever drew this neat cartoon. It has a very good point: many times the testing isn't cruel. They cure the animal of whatever happened to it, then set it free, as far as I know. That is at least almost acceptable, but painkillers for them would really help, seriously! I know it means more animal testing, but at least it helps other animals who need to not get tested on further. However, animal testing needs to advance too, because many animals suffer, and their suffering may not be worth it or won't be realized soon.
So, what do you think? Comment your opinion!


  1. Wow. O.O I never thought that way about animal testing. It's a real cruelty to animals and no harm to humans. It's totally unfair ;C. I don't want those dogs or bunnies and etc to be tested on! ;C;C;C. Good post, though!


    1. Thanks, Willa! =D I see what you mean.
      Spoiler: I've already arranged the last 5 Heroes of the Jamaasian Heroes.

  2. You are right explaining both sides of the issue. Animal testing is very important in medicine---but I think should be outlawed for cosmetics.

    Lab mice / rats are bred in a special way to have human genes in them to make them good specimens for studying medicines. I am not so concerned about that as I am "higher" mammals such as dogs and monkeys.

    Pigs also are bred in labs because they are similar size and structure as humans and there is a hope to use them as organ donars in the future. I think they are generally well cared for.

    it is a subject heavy with your reminder that humans are sentinent beings

    1. Yep. I was going to include a picture of HUMAN TESTING, but it was too disturbing to post. I agree, Tiggerkat, medicine is important, should be outlawed for cosmetics, should be treated correctly and released as pets or wild animals when they're done.

  3. Oh, and guinea pigs are used for testing too! I love this blog!!

  4. Thankfully, modern technology is getting much better and we're able to test a lot of things using computers. In most places animal testing is phasing out. Institutions like HLS (Huntington Life Sciences) are being shut down.

    There are a few times when medicines must be tested on an actual living thing, though, and computers just won't cut it. In that case I'd support animal testing over human testing. For cosmetics and non-essentials, I believe that animal testing should be outlawed. We know enough now to know what chemicals will be harmful, so let's not use them!