Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Yep, we're on the topic of zoos. :P
So, some zoos can be very fun, very fair to the animals, and generally very nice.
But other zoos can be very boring, very unfair to the animals, and generally very unnice.
Think of zoos as amusement parks, which they kind of are.
There are some amusement parks where the staff are always grumpy, the food is horrible, the rides are boring and dirty, and most of the toilets have pee or poo in them, sometimes on the floor.
There are others, however, where the staff are always happy, the food is delicious, the rides are thrilling and clean, and most of the toilets are completely clean, with nothing disgusting there.
So, today, unfortunately, I'll be talking about the bad zoos.
The ones that abuse animals.
For one thing, does THIS look comfortable? :(

(I don't own this image and take no credit for it)
Humane Society Collin Zoo rescue - tigers
(Image credit goes to the Humane Society, I do not own images)
Does it?
Many bad zoos keep animals in conditions like this, where they are deprived of food, given little space, get ill very often, are stared at daily by people who throw things are them and poke fingers into their cages, and are otherwise abused. There are constantly people who try to keep zoos humane and rescue animals from those who aren't, but it all depends on YOU.
One way to keep animals in good conditions is to ONLY go to major zoos like the Minnesota Zoo or anything like that. If many people go there, chances are that the animals are humanely kept. If there are animals that AREN'T humanely kept, though, search for help online, or if you know what to do, DO IT! The sooner we rescue our captive animals, the better.
We should all work together to make all zoos look like the Minnesota zoo, where animals and humans are in harmony, and animals are kept in wide-open spaces. It is also a wonderful zoo with many animals and great attractions, so I recommend it! (I don't endorse the Minnesota Zoo, but its an awesome zoo.)
To learn more about animal abuse and how to stop it, go to:


  1. It's terrible how horribly treated some animals are. I hate it. :(

  2. Some zoos are nice like longleat

    1. And the Minnesota Zoo. And the Byron Zoo. Those zoos are pawsome. :3

  3. Yeah, zoos definitely need better conditions for animals!

    1. Sometimes its a money trap, though. Some zoos, when boycotted, end up closing and putting down their animals instead of fixing things due to money shortage. So the answer to this is to contact the owners of every abusive zoo and ask them to open up a kickstarter program so they can upgrade their facilities and treatment of their animals, as they probably don't have enough money to do so in the first place.

  4. Sorry i havent been around recently DX
    Recently I heard that a zoo in Ukrane killed a baby giraffe because they had "too many giraffes" but they ddnt want to give it to any other zoo. It was perfectly fine nd healthy, nd they killed in front of CHILDREN!!!

    1. I also heard they did the autopsy in front of a school group. It's absolutely horrific and disturbing, isn't it?

  5. I remember once reading about a zoo that hardly fed their animals. :(

    It was so bad a giraffe was eating the garbage that was thrown into his enclosure. It died and a huge ball of plastic was found in it's stomach D;

    1. It's even more sad... If you watch the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se" and fast forward to "The Tale of Aang", there is an awesome cinematic where he's making a new zoo for animals that had been in bad conditions before by Earthbending. I don't know if it would make anybody feel better, but it at least makes things feel a bit better.

  6. I went to the Helsinki Zoo with my family. And it was the best zoo. I've ever seen. Now. Here's a bad zoo. It's really bad, it is a zoo in Europe I believe where the animals are kept in poor, poor conditions. This zoo I think is in Italy. I was watching a TV show about a Polar Bear who was recovering from medical issues, and they put the bear in a tiny cage. Kind of like the cage they put a dog in: A kennel. It was the worst.

  7. You forgot to mention the Nashville Zoo. Sometimes I went there when I was little, and they gave all the animals wide, open spaces to wander around. I also heard that they recently gave their elephants to an elephant preserve. I just wanna say, the Nashville Zoo is one of the best zoos ever to me. In their tiger cage, the tigers were always so far away from us! That proves how big it is. If you wanna see it for yourself, go ahead. They also have a carousel and a playground and a little train for kids to play on. So as you can see, the Nashville zoo is clearly one of the best.
    (sorry if this was a spam or bragging, i'm just saying the Nashville Zoo is a really good zoo compared to the others.)