Saturday, 8 March 2014

Endangered Animals. :(

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So, we've done a lot of posting about animals who are jeopardized by the actions of humans--- and endangered animals are a perfect example of that.
I'll give an example of one of them: the Vaquita, which looks like so:
It's the world's smallest porpoise. Their numbers are dropping so drastically because of the fishing industry; humans are literally making the mistake of catching them in nets. .-.
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There's also the Red Panda and Polar Bear, which used to thrive in the wild, but now their habitats are being ruined by humans! Poaching, which I talked about in my last post, is one of the major causes of putting animals on the 'endangered animals' list.
There's also:
  • The expanding of human settlements into forests and other places that animals make their homes in
  • Acid rain. Don't know what it is? Well, acid rain is basicallly rain that is made acidic because of the burning of fossil fuels. It kind of 'kills' bodies of clean water.  

There are several other reasons that I could name, but I want to end this post on a good note. 
You probably already know this story; I've heard it countless times. Quite a while ago, the population of Bald Eagles was rapidly decreasing because of some of the reasons that I listed above. I mean, back then, people would *shudder* shoot birds for game. That is how many birds became extinct. The US saw that this was happening and decided to pass a law protecting Bald Eagles (and later Golden Eagles.) Soon, Bald Eagle population increased, and they eventually left the endangered species list! :D
Though they're still protected, we can know that the Bald Eagles are in good hands. 
Feel free to tell me if I didn't get one of the details of the story right. It's been a while since I heard this story in school. 


  1. Ahh, thank you for posting! I haven't done in ages, sorry >.<

    1. You are very welcome! :)
      I just saw this now, which is why it took ages for me to respond. Sorry!

  2. Hmm, nice post, we should all try foing our bit to save animals habitats.
    Im gonna post soon, i havent posted in months O.O

  3. It's so sad that so many species are endangered. Fortunately, thought, there are many organizations working to stop the endangerment of animals. :)

  4. meep! grabs cheetahs, pands,grey wolves. i protects you!