Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Well, I dont really know if anyone has done this yet, but rather instead of focusing on the negatives of all this animal stuff, I decided to look at the positives :)

Pets (PetaĆ­)

Alright, so we all love our pets, right? If you don’t, sell them to a better home, make sure they are happy :)
Anyway, ways to make sure your pet is happy is not always easy. There are some plants and foods that can be fatally poisonous to some animals, so if you’re unsure about it, google it :)
Anyway, some basic steps that go for every pet:
  • Food! Normally twice a day, but it may vary depending on medical issues or size, etc
  • Shelter! We don’t want them out in the rain, but if it’s a fish you obviously need a tank and something inside the tank like a little water plant that they can do something with
  • Water is vital. Go without water for a little more than a week and you die of dehydration. Fresh water preferably.
  • Love! Without love you feel lonely. And if a dog is lonely, they won’t see you as their leader, and they won’t be afraid to attack. This can be dangerous, and maybe result in death.
  • Grooming- if it is needed, it is important for hygeine.
Other things of course should be obvious like play things :)
Alright, I know this post is short, bit I have to go- early start tomorrow :(
Anyway, discuss your pets, grooming methods or whatever :3

Thats all ! :)

~ Izzy

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  1. My dog is a beagle/Lab mix, so she doesn't require much grooming. We'll brush her every once in a while, and obviously give her a bath, but that's about all she needs. :) Oh, and of course we trim her nails. She hates it when my mom does it though, so most of the time we'll take her to the vet and have them do it. For some reason she cooperates much better there than here at home.