Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Meep! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been quite busy. 
Anyway, now I'm back, here to post on bullfighting.
warning: if you do not like blood then this post is no for you
When I first heard of it, it didn't seem that bad. A guy goes into an arena, waves a red (or pink or yellow) cloth around, the bull charges at him and he has to dodge. Seems ok, yeah?
this is the guy who has to wave the cloth. He's called a "matador". And matador, in Spanish means guess what?
I'll start at the beginning.
Way back, bullfighting didn't exist. It started out by butchers torturing the bulls before they killed them, for meat.
Then, it got big.
This big.
Toreros (a sort of less high up matador) go into the ring, with the bull. One man (the matador) waves his cloth around, and the bull charges. The matador has to escape being trampled or getting totally mushed up.
But while the bull is rushing at the matador, the other toreros drive daggers and spears into the bull's shoulders and neck!
It makes me want to cry :'(
These bulls are unnecessarily tortured and killed. And people do this for pleasure. *shudders*
Some times, the matadors who do this horrible sport pay.

Moving on a little, here's a map of Spain, and the amount of bullfighting there is. (2012)
 The red is where it is banned, thank goodness. The top line of Spain borders France, and my grandad lives near the red part (the red is actually Catalonia). He helped in banning! :) 
He does protests and stuff with other people to stop bullfighting.
When my sister and I were with him, we heard that some bulls were going to be tortured and killed (not bullfighting though) so he rang up the Mairie (Town Hall) to try and do something about it.
He rang and waited for ages and ages before they answered.
Then he said "I'm horrified to know that..."
Then the other man said "Yes, yes, good, bye," and HUNG UP! O.O
What a fathead!

But bullfighting is also around in Mexico, Portugal, Philippines, France and lots of other places.
In France it was just going to be banned, but the minister-who-does-that-sort-of-stuff's colleagues somehow managed to make it a traditional sport.
Wait for it, here's a "good" part.
 They run against calves, poor calves who've hardly seen life. :'(



  1. Umm there are little kids reading this and I think blood is a little violent for them o3o/)


    1. No, I think this is one thing which wouldn't offend little kids any more than bigger ones :b At least, I'm 11 and I can remember when I was 7 or so pretty well. And besides, children of that age are often (sadly) playing computer games when you have to blow things up and all sorts of things like that.

  2. I would only like to do the sport if the bull enjoys it otherwise you've got the wrong person. It's painful. How could you do such a horrible thing? It's just nasty. I especially hate how right when it's gonna be banned, it turns into a sport -.-

  3. Wow... o_o Age 10...? O___O Also you seem to have a nice grandpa. But anyways I think I heard in the movie 'Mirror Mirror' they used bullfighting. >_< I don't think all bullfights kill the bulls but it is really sad.

    1. Yeah ikr!
      Lol thanks ^.^
      Yep, they did. :/
      All bulls die in the kind of bullfighting mentioned above. They kill them if they don't die from wounds. Then they skin them while they're still alive... D':

  4. I am Spanish, and there are some Spanish traditions that I really like, for example, fabada, cocido, paella and other Spanish food. But I am totally AGAINST bullfighting. I think it is unneccesary torture.