Friday, 15 March 2013

Horses in Bullfighting

Hello! SilverDawn here to post on horses in bullfighting.

The matador (see post below) spears the bull from the horse's back, and sometimes the horse gets charged at by the bull! And the horse has newspaper stuffed in its ears, it is blindfolded, and its vocal cord is cut so it can't scream! It terrible!

Every year, countless horses die in or after a bullfight.

Bullfighters claim that bulls bred for bullfights are aggressive and dangerous animals. This is a lie. The poor bulls fight because they are fighting for their lives.

It's not unusual for the horses used in bullfights to be so badly gored that they have to be killed, but not before being dragged out of the ring.

That is the fate of these beautiful animals. To entertain a crowd that lusts for blood.

Bullfighting MUST BE STOPPED!!!! 

I'm sorry if this post is gory, I have to raise awareness here. 


  1. That's sad, though the pictures won't show up.

    1. Don't they? They show up on my computer :/

    2. Oh, not for me but it still is pretty scary >_<